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VCM - T - 100

The large size of the model VCM vacuum glass the glass that is used in the transport of equipment. Overhead Bridge crane with a crane or jib can be fitted. Insulating glass line in input in the output of businesses, deburring machine entrance, at the exit of the large-sized Washing Machine upright in the entrance, exit and internal circulation the proper and safe is a piece of equipment used in VCM-T and VCM-RT is the translation of situations where the glass needed to be returned and at the same time. Grinding machine automatic glass loading glass automatically from the palette to the robot makes the process of granting.The upright position pallet(1) In addition to 2sira or 3) windows. Automatic loading with the forklift in front of the robot is placed.
The height of the operator panel and start the writer gives an addition to glass. Top auto glass installation robot the motorized conveyor starts its own ordinary drops onto the horizontal position of the window that receives will. Motorized two-way conveyor in the X direction before the glass runs keeps then directs you to the grinding machine in the y direction. All these transactions takes 12 sec. Max. glass Height 200 mm. 1000 mm pallet height not to exceed the max. length of 2.000 mm side-by-side it is possible to put more than one smaller glass.
natsu vakumlu cam taşıma sistemleri
vakumlu cam kaldırma ve taşıma sistemleri

pergel vakum

cam kaldırma
VCM - 150
natsu eskişehir
manuel vakumlu cam taşıma sistemleri

vakum cam taşıma
vakumla cam montajı
VCM - R - 180
VCM - 200
pergel vakumlar
pergel vinçte vakum
pergel vakumlar
Vacuum Lifter For Glass
temperli cam taşıma
montaj için vakumla cam taşıma
montaj için cam taşıma
VCM - 300
natsu vakumla kaldırma
natsu vacuum lifting 
vacuum lifting for glass 
VCM - 500
manuel cam kaldırma sistemi
vacuum transporting
vacuum device
VCM - 600
manüel vakumla cam taşıma sistemleri
vakumla jumbo camların kaldırılması
cam çevirme
VCM - 750
vakumlu kaldırıcı
vakumlu kaldırıcılar
vakum kaldırma
VCM - T - 90
VACUUM GLASS (0-90 Degree) -Vertical-Horizontal (0-90 Degree)
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pergel vakum ile cam kaldırma
pergel vinç ile cam taşıma
VCM RT - 90
pergelli vakum
gezer vinçte cam kaldırma ve taşıma
gezer vinçte cam vakumu
VCM RT - 360
vakumlu kaldırıcılar

cam kaldırma ve taşıma sistemleri

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